Here it is in all it’s glory.


One whole block of protected bike lane. The parked cars are supposed to protect cyclists from traffic.

It was a temporary set up to see how it would work. It was done in connection with the re-paving of this stretch of Beacon Street. The City of Boston decided to keep it in place after deeming the demonstration to be a success.

But there is also supposed to be be a physical barrier to keep vehicles from parking in the bike. That is lacking. Hopefully the city will step up and finish the physical improvements.

As someone who usually pedals on Beacon Street, I would love to see this extended all the way to Beacon Hill.

Boston is proposing to do something with Beacon Street as part of Vision Zero. So far the only change has been a “Your Speed” speed board sign that shows drivers how fast they are driving. It’s usually faster than the speed limit.