I saw this bumper sticker and it made me pause. Is it pro-bike or anti-bike? There is rarely anyone bothering to display a bumper sticker for a moderate approach.

I’m offended by bicyclists who don’t obey traffic laws. Stop at stop signs and red lights. It’s easy and safer for the cyclist.

Of course I’m more offended by drivers who disregard traffic laws because they are more dangerous. A bike is 30 pounds and likely not travelling more than 15 miles per hour. A car weighs at least  3,000 pounds and is likely travelling no less than 20 miles per hour. That makes the car hundreds of times more dangerous than a bicycle.

Yet drivers are often paying more attention to their phones than the road.

Back to the bumper sticker, I looked at the Cambridge Bicycle Committee listed on the sticker. It is a pro-bike organization.

The Cambridge Bicycle Committee, established by City Council in 1991, works to improve conditions for bicyclists in the City of Cambridge and promote bicycling as a means of transportation.

I assume the intent of the sticker was to let other drivers know that bicycles have a right to be on the road and to let cyclist know that they should follow the rules of the road. It is a rare example of a bumper sticker taking a moderate approach.