Over the weekend, Matthew Sisk, the deputy commissioner at the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation resigned for inappropriate use of a state-issued vehicle. He was accused of activating his emergency equipment on his state-issued car to get through traffic in the Seaport.

I understand that he should have access to state-owned car to get access to the DCR controlled properties across the state. Of course that assumes he actually visits those properties on a regular basis.

For instance he was at the opening of new ferry  service at the Squantum Point Park this summer. I assume he drove his state-owned vehicle to this event. I think we would have all been better off if he had taken the ferry.

Let’s get the people who are supposed to be guardians of of the “natural, cultural and recreational resources” of the Commonwealth onto bikes.

If they are on bikes, they won’t be stuck in traffic and be won’t be tempted to illegally use their emergency lights.