The Town of Brookline made a quick and relatively inexpensive change to the traffic flow on Beacon Street. The town converted one lane of car travel into one lane of bike travel. You can find this wonderful stretch on the Corey Street section of Beacon Street outbound. The lane starts at the Marion Street intersection and provides a buffered lane for bikes past Lancester Terrace heading into Washington Square.

There is on-street parking on the right hand side of the street. So there are no flexposts or barrier to protect the bike lane.

I encountered a postal service struck and a UPS truck blocking the bike lane on my commute home on Wednesday night. I suppose they would have been there blocking a car travel lane prior to the buffered bike lane.

According to Brookline’s Bicycle Facility Assessment for the project, there are also changes planned for the light signals in that stretch of road. Right turn on red from Lancaster Terrace onto Beacon Street will be allowed and a delay of 10 seconds will be added for the Lancaster Terrace approach before a call is put into the signal. The pedestrian crossing for Lancaster Terrace will be changed from an exclusive movement to a concurrent movement with Beacon Street.