With the black ice yesterday and the snow today, it’s a reminder of the limits of bike commuting. It’s not that a bike can’t make it through the ice and snow. I can. My studded tires are ready to go.

I crashed on my street on the black ice yesterday morning. I didn’t realize that the wet look to the pavement wasn’t wet. It was ice. I walked the 100 yards back to my garage and grabbed by winter bike with the studded tires.

But I paused.

If I was sliding on my bike, cars are going to be sliding also. I may be pedaling along fine on my studded tires, but I risk a car crashing into me.

The news later showed my fears. Cars were crashing across MetroBoston. Tragically, at least one was killed when a car crashed into him. Of course it was an SUV that crashed into him. Drivers continue to fail to realize that four-wheel drive may get your SUV moving, but does nothing to help you stop or turn.

My concern about cycling in the snow and ice is not that I will crash. Hitting the pavement hurts. The lasting damage is to my ego.

My concern in inclement weather is that a car will crash into me. So my bike has stayed in the garage during this bad weather and I chose public transportation for my commute. I wanted avoid drivers making poor choices in inclement weather.