This morning was a glorious commute by bike into Boston. Snow was falling steadily, but not accumulating on the street. The best winter bike conditions.

I got the great experience of snowflakes rushing past me as I turned the pedals. A white blanket quieted the sounds of the city.

Drivers were grumbling about having to dig out cars, fighting with their defrosters and hoping the heater will chase away the chill.

I adjust the heat on my bike with speed. Turn the pedals harder to get the body temperature up.

The problem with a snow commute is slipping and visibility. My bike may slip and slide. My glasses may fog up. This morning, the snow was not accumulating on the road, so no slipping.

But it’s the slipping and visibility of cars that’s a danger.

All those big four-wheel drive vehicles can pull themselves through the snow. But it does nothing to help the vehicle stop or turn. Four-wheel drive does provide any additional grip when a driver needs to stop going forward.

Then there are the lazy, negligent drivers who head down the road with their vehicle still wrapped to some extent in snow, unable to fully see the road.

Those drivers are fighting the winter commute. I’m embracing it.