Whether you drive, ride the T, walk or bike into Boston, we all agree that snow cleanup has been terrible. That means sidewalks are inaccessible and treacherous. The roads are narrow, with bombs of snow, slush and ice.

With those hazardous conditions, I opted to mount snow tires on my commuting bike.

These are my new Schwalbe Marathon Winter HS 396 Studded Road Bike Tires (700×35).

Cutting through this morning’s 1/2 inch of snow, it felt like I was riding on dry tarmac. No slipping.

studded tires

They offer a much improved grip in the slushy snow and icy patches. They are not mountain bike or fat tires so they don’t go as well over deep snow. But if the snow was that deep I would not be commuting.

The studs dig in on the icy patches, helping to keep me upright.

The downside is that they tires are noisier than my regular commuting tires on dry tarmac. Those metal studs are louder than just rubber.

The studs and the deeper treads provide more rolling resistance, but not so much to be troubling.